Getting Even More Love!


So you and your partner have completed a Getting the Love You Want Workshop and you want more support as you continue to dialogue and grow your conscious relationship. After completing the workshop, some couples look for a therapist to help them continue working on conscious connection, while others simply continue with the dialogue practice on their own. On the other hand, it is sometimes the case that couples never truly establish a regular dialogue practice, nor do they follow up with the many helpful exercises in the workbook, such as creating a relationship vision, and engaging in a ‘surprise list’ for one another.

For many couples, dialogue can become a dirty word. It’s another way of saying ‘we have to talk’ rather than an invitation to deepen connection, empathy and love.

Getting Even More Love is a one day refresher for all couples who have completed the full weekend workshop. During the experience, we focus on the positive and rewarding aspects of  the dialogue process. We troubleshoot where the road blocks are showing up, and help couples to establish a positive and fun dialogue practice. We also support & encourage couples to complete their relationship vision and bring positivity and enhanced engagement more regularly into their relationships.

The cost for the day is equivalent to two couples sessions, which is $500.00 CAD per couple. As with all workshops, receipts are available for extended health care plans who cover the services of a registered social worker, or as ‘communications consulting’ for those who are self-employed.


“The IMAGO Workshop with Anna & Tim transformed our commitment to marriage and provided the tools for the connection we’ve been struggling to find”.
– A. Smith

“A great starting point. Felt very respected, safe place, very useful tools and very realistic”.
– B. Jones

“The enthusiasm expressed by Anna & Tim is inspiring. Their genuine connection to each other demonstrates hope and happiness.” 
– K & R. Roberts

We felt like we needed a ‘tune up’ and some reminders of the dialogue process, and this one day workshop helped “



Getting Even More Love FAQ’s

What is the difference between this workshop and Getting the Love You Want?

Getting More Love is a follow up workshop to the ‘Getting the Love You Want’ workshop. The first full weekend workshop was designed by the IMAGO community based on the foundational work of Harville Hendrix & Helen Lakelly Hunt. It is delivered similarly throughout the world. The follow up workshop is unique to Anna & Tim. There are modules which are offered in half day sessions and in full day sessions.

During this workshop you will…

  • Refresh & deepen your dialogue skills.
  • Learn some short and effective tools for maintaining connection in your relationship.
  • Have the opportunity to practice dialogue with the support of the instructors.
  • Be exposed to some of the newest relationship research.
  • Reconnect to the purpose of building the relationship of your dreams.
What is the prerequisite for this workshop?

This workshop follows the Getting the Love You Want workshop. You do not need to have participated with Anna & Tim through Replenish Relationships, however you must have completed this workshop with a certified IMAGO workshop presenter, with your current partner in order to take the ‘Getting Even More Love’ workshop.

Is it better to wait for a time after the weekend workshop, prior to registering for this one?

It is good to practice what you learned in the weekend workshop for a few months prior to participating in the follow up one day workshop. 

Taking time to integrate your new skills learned during the weekend will allow the follow up workshop to be more meaningful. You will have come up against your own personal ‘roadblocks’ and challenges, and have more experience and insight which will lead to even further learning as you proceed. 

We do vary the content of these one day workshops to some degree, and so it is possible to participate more than once in these ‘advanced’ workshop opportunities. 

Can we attend more than one of the follow-up workshops?

We do vary the content of these one day workshops to some degree, and so it is possible to participate more than once in these ‘advanced’ or ‘deepening’ workshop opportunities.

Why do we offer a follow up to the well established weekend workshop?

Our agenda is to help couples become ‘relationally competent’, to deepen their connection and build conscious awareness in their coupleship. This does not need to be complex, but it does require a commitment to practicing healthy relationship habits. We feel that offering a follow-up allows further opportunities to integrate the wonderfully rich content provided in the first workshop and ensure continued conscious growth. In addition we enjoy the creative process of designing curriculum and content to share, and supporting couples in discovering the immense rewards of ‘real love’.